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Jenni Rivera Tequila Coming Soon

Jenni Rivera Tequila Coming Soon

Jenni Rivera loved to drink tequila.

So much she was actually working on a brand of it with her name on it.

Her sister Rosie Rivera and daughter Chiquis Marin have continued to work on the project.

The tequila “La Gran Señora” will soon be available in a limited edition.

Rosie said the project was pretty advanced and Jenni was involved in everything from the taste to the design of the bottle.

Yet another one of her dreams come true.

A Jenni Rivera le encantaba tomar tequila.
Tanto que de hecho estaba trabajando en una marca con su nombre.

Su hermana Rosie Rivera y su hija Chiquis Marin han continuado trabajando en el proyecto.

El tequila “La Gran Señora” pronto estara disponible en edición limitada.

Rosie dijo que el proyecto estaba bastante avanzado y que Jenni estaba involucrada en todo desde el sabor hasta el diseño de la botella.

Otro de sus sueños hecho realidad.

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53 Comments on Jenni Rivera Tequila Coming Soon

  1. lori salsazar

    What day is the tequila bottle available ? And where can we get it at

  2. lori salsazar

    Can we pre-order it

  3. admin2

    Hi Lori, Rosie said it could be available in about a month. We will try to get more information for you and other readers.

  4. lori salsazar

    OK thanks i’am so ready to but it
    We are all waiting patiently :)

  5. alejandra

    Hey were can I get it and for how much I wanted for a gift please ley me now soon thanks

  6. Gaby

    Is available in the US as well as Mexico and around what period time?

  7. Gaby

    Is available in the US as well as Mexico and around what period time?

  8. josh

    Can we buy it in texas??? Or online ?? When it comes out …..

  9. Kristie

    I need to buy this for my friend where can I get it?

  10. Rose

    Hi, will the tequila be out by August 1, and where will I be able to get it?

  11. April

    im looking to buy this for my sisters Birthday she is a big fan of Jenni Rivera her bday is Aug 26th do you think it will be out by then and where can i find it???

  12. vanessa

    Hi I was wondering where could we get it and when? My sister is a HUGE fan of jenni and she wants the bottle for her birthday (Aug. 31)

  13. vanny

    Hi my sister is a HUGE Jenni Rivera fan. Her birthday is coming up and all shes asking for is for the limited edition jenni tequila. When is it out? or where can we pre order one ?

  14. why can i buy it? please let me know....

    Why can i buy it? Please let me know…..

  15. ruby

    Hi i was wondering how much is worth and what location can we buy it?

  16. nelly valles

    when is it coming out and where can i buy it I need to know asap I need to know asap how do I do this when I do what I do but I do have his own it

  17. Ariz

    Im si excjted but mad at same time cuz i called 3 mexican stores already n said they ordered them already but gatta wait for it to get there cant wait bput to get fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P JENNI LOVE U

  18. Janet

    Where will it be sold at or what stores ? I stay in the San Fernando valley

  19. sara

    Fans: Tequila la GRAN SEÑORA en tiendas Northgate Market este Viernes,

  20. amy

    I heard the tequila was out, where can we get it?

  21. mayra

    when will it be out in el paso,tx?!

  22. kimberly rivera

    when and where can i find this tequila

  23. marty

    any Northgate market

  24. Krystal

    Will it be available in alabama and if so were can i get it from.. lot of fanz that love and miss her here as well not jst california texas and mexico……

  25. lori salsazar

    Where can we get one in dallas or where can i order one

  26. Claudia cruz

    I am a big fan of Jenni Rivera and I want to get one so soon. When it comes out please send me a texts at my email.

  27. Cindy

    They are have them at any Northgate markets!

  28. Gurpreet

    where can i buy it? I live in zip code 93215?

  29. alicia

    When will the tekila bottle be available in Washington state…I really want one…please let me know…

  30. chemo

    donde puedo comprar la tequila bottle de jenni!!!

  31. Estela

    Im from Mcallen Tx. Where can i buy the jenni tequila bottle?

  32. April Reyna

    Hey! I live in Arkansas and I want Jenni’s tequila….Can I buy it online or will it be coming here?? Please let me know. Thank you very much!!!
    I love Jenni



  34. jacqueline aguilar

    So whats going on with the bottle is it gonna sell in texas or jst in calli my hubby has been asking me for one. Hope to hear from u soon thanks

  35. Chellie Rodriguez

    When will the bottle be available in Seattle WA…I really want one my birthday is coming up on the 21st and this would be a perfect present for myself. please let me know

  36. beatriz davila

    How do i order by the jennis tequila on line

  37. Ricardo

    me gustaria comprar una de estas botellas, me podrian dar informacion de donde, yo vivo en kansas.

  38. lupita

    I really want to buy jenni’s tequila

  39. Naye

    When will the bottle be available in San Francisco ???

  40. Guadalupe

    I live in Oakland, CA, what store carries it close to where I live? San Francisco?

  41. Chata

    Please let me know when I can order it online

  42. Chata

    Please let me know when I can order it online

  43. Chata

    Please let me know when I can order it online

  44. Chata

    Please let me know when I can order it online

  45. Tim

    There selling the tequila bottle here by where I live. I already bought three bottles drank one up on New Years

  46. noe

    I live in oakland ca where store i buy

  47. I was reading a spanish magazine and saw a picture of jenni on a liquor bottle. I would like to add that bottle to my collection in honor of her. I've looked around,but couldn't find it. Please tell me when and where I can purchase it.

    I was reading an old spanish magazine and saw a picture of jenni on a liquor bottle. Hope it’s not to late to purchase it. I would like to add it to my collection in honor of her. Is it still available, if so please tell me where I can find it.

  48. Lilliam Vargas

    Cuando y donde estara disponible el tequila de Jenni Rivera

  49. Michelle

    Love it

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