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Vicky & Marisol Terrazas Arrested

Vicky & Marisol Terrazas Arrested


Vicky and Marisol Terrazas were performing in Florida when a fight broke out.

Apparently, the security at the venue tried to handle the situation, and from what Marisol said, by tasing, something Vicky and Marisol did not approve of.

The girls went on to tell security to stop that and asking them to take them as well.

The situation on stage got more out of control when they were being escorted out and the fans started to throw objects and beer.

A fan caught it all in video! Check it out! We are still in disbelief!


Vicky y Marisol Terraza estaban en una presentación en la Florida cuando empezó una pelea.

Aparentemente, la seguridad en el lugar trató de manejar la situación, y por lo que dijo Marisol, usando descargas eléctricas, algo que a Vicky y a Marisol no les pareció.

Las muchachas le pidieron a los de seguridad que se detuvieran de eso y que también se las llevaran.

La situación en el escenario se puso más fuera de control cuando iban a ser llevadas a fuera y los fans empezaron a aventar objetos y cerveza.

Un fan grabó un video! Véanlo! Seguimos sin poder creerlo!

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27 Comments on Vicky & Marisol Terrazas Arrested

  1. tony silva

    They got balls fuck the police they need to watch how they do shit Martha fuck them we love u Vicki and Marisol ya rule

  2. elizabeth

    k pensaron los cops se pasaron but we mexican back each other up still not enough motive to take them in k bueno marisol defendiste a tu gente

  3. Idally rosa

    That was freaky crazy and not fair but I liked the marisol defended her fans

  4. Lupita

    Badass marisol she defended her fan arriba Los Horoscspos de Durango !!!!!!

  5. idally rosa

    That was freaky crazy and not fair but I liked the way marisol treated them and defended her fans arriba Los horoscopos de durango!!!!!

  6. Jorge brito

    Malditos policias me ciento mas orgulloso de ser mexicano y ke viva mexico cabrones

  7. Justice

    Law enforcement tried to do their jobs because people couldn’t be civil. If all were civil the concert would have continued without an interruptance. The people to blame are the ones who caused the mess. When people like to blame police but that us a shame. What try did was right and those that through stuff at them should have been arrested for assault as well. As Hispanics we should not condone this type if behavior and shame on the girls for enticing a riot. Things escalated because of the girls who should have instead tried to calm the crowd down. It’s a shame to see suck poor judgement and a shame for those who support them for their actions. Remember many if us Hispanics have fought for this country and represent it well please don’t encourage this bad behavior and instead try to make this country proud of their Hispanic brothers and sisters

  8. Y VONNE

    I agree that it was good the favoed their fans, but for some reason or other i ‘ve heard marisol has a drinking problem…is it true???

  9. Jazz

    Fuck da police & the stupid ass muthafuckers always fucking concerts up!! people who cant handle theyre alcohol shouldnt go to these places!!! I guess Los Angeles ain’t the only cops who like tazing…

  10. pedrito

    que piensan esas viejas tontas que pueden faltarle el respeto a la ley, no estan en su pais viejas estupidas aprendan a respetar a la ley

  11. Juan

    Pedrito, eres un pendej0! Si no sabes, mejor no opines. Ellas estan en su país, nacieron en Chicago! Tarado!

  12. ERVING


  13. Michelle

    Justice!!! First of all learn how to spell and go back to school because not one sentence you wrote made sense! Second of all shame on you for not supporting you heritage!! Third of all what makes you think that they didnt have a right to care for their fans??? Im a proud hispanic of mexican parents!! And i myself would have done the samething!! ive seen many artis both american and mexican where their fans for some reason start a fight and have gotten to the point where they are beaten by officers and the artis simply continue like nothing!! Im glad the ladies did say something and made their point they stand behind there fans something many artist dont they simply continue the show and get paid and not even show or comment anything!! SO SHAME ON YOU NOT ONLY HISPANICS NOT KNOW HOW TO CONTROL THEM SELF BUT ALSO AMERICAN AND AFRICAN AMERICANS ALSO!! SO HEY JUSTICE SCREW YOU FOR TURNING ON YOUR HERITAGE!!!

    Pedritoo!! tu quien eres para decirles tontas tonto tu y estupido por que eres un hispano mas que permiten que los policias agan lo que les biene en gana cuando ay pleitos asi y ya ni estan forsegiando oh peliando!! Que estupido eres tu al pensar que esta mal!! Y ellas la ley respetaron defendieron a sus fan me me imagino que si tu estubieras en el lugar de ellas ni abrieras la boca!! y por tu informasion ellas si son ciudadanas americas algo que alamejor tu no eres!! Por gente como ustedes muchos artistas permiten que traten a sus fans asi!! Ojala que nunca les toque a ustedes estar en una situasion asi!!!

  14. lavero

    The ladies were correct in addressing the situation, but I think they did it wrong they should have told them but without losing their cool. They also as like the police and security must be professional to respect their fans and the people attending the concert. But as all of you can see on the video they were abusing that man, tasering him in the back and then one even hitting him in the head. It was ridicules that 3 full grown men could not control this guy. To be respected you must respect.

  15. Justice

    Michelle. Speaking of spelling, it’s artists not what you wrote. Also it’s a shame of Hispanics like you to bring us down. I won’t say screw you to you because I’ve fought for your freedom of speech and I proudly fly the American flag. I also do not hate any ethnicity and am proud of my Hispanic roots but do not encourage behavior like the ladies portrayed. The situation is a shame but the women’s behavior is more shameful.

  16. lon

    fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk they got balls lol..pinches horoscopos!!! pero no se rajan..y los pinches policias ya nomas tienen la ley a su lado..y quieren hacer lo que ellos quieren…que chinguen a su madre

  17. Caro

    I agree with justice police is here for our safety I’m Mexican but enough of this machismo .. Lets not confuse things .. People were out of control security tried to control the situation .. It’s such a shame Those females expressed themselves like that

  18. angelica

    muy bien eso abla muy bien de ustedes pinches gringos culeros y m gusto que no se Rajan ……….. arriba horoscopos….

  19. Justice

    Ion, what an ignorant comment that the police “nomas tienen la ley a su lado”. What else do they need? People are arrested for breaking the law. Police only interject because people were in danger. I see most of the fans replying to this page are only concerned about blaming the police even though a fight is what caused the police to step in. The band could have de-escalated the problem but instead they became part of the problem. In the end the judge will make the correct unbiased call.

  20. La ley

    No pues wooooow que pena me da con el osico que se cargan esas pendejas. Que bueno que se las llevaron x que no tienen ningun derecho de ofender a nadien menos la ley que son los que nos protejen.. Si no les gusta larguensen mucho ala chingada para Mexico y alla los sicarios se encargan! La culpa la tienen los borrachos que no se limitan y que solo tienen que ir a causar problemas y x eso parran los bailes!!! I don’t give a f**k if I misspelled alkavo me entienden!!! Learn to respect viejas estupidas!!! Police rule

  21. Edwin Angeles

    Vicky and Marisol are the most strongest artist ever! No cualqueria artista hace lo que iso Vicky y Marisol por sus fanaticos. Esas viejas si son de guevos! Ala gente que no sabe lo que paso es mejor que no comenten nada! Arriba Los Horoscopos de Durango!!

  22. Mari

    I can understand both stances on the matter.

    On one hand, the police are there to protect you and are “only doing their job”. However, the amount of force used was unnecessary. It is common knowledge that you should not use violence on anyone, let alone a drunk person, whose mind is already altered.
    Yes, others were in possible danger, but there was a huge circle around them, so no one else would get hurt. Or at least they wouldn’t have.
    The police did not have to use their fists nor their tasers to enforce the law, that was just bullshit.

    Marisol & Vicky are commendable.
    They were protecting their fans. They initially wanted the police to take them outside or arrest them, not use violence.
    But either the police did not listen or they couldn’t understand. So, inappropriate force was used.
    If they could not understand, then was dumb on their part. Knowing that they would be catering to a mostly Spanish speaking crowd, they should have sent a few bilingual people, it would have made the situation a lot less brutal than it was.

    I agree that what they did, offering themselves up, was a good thing too. Maybe better words could have been used to express their distaste in the matter, but in the heat of the moment, when you yourself feel threatened & are witnessing something like this happening, what would you do? You can’t say you would calmly comply if you were on stage whilst your fans were being harassed in the crowd. Or would you?

    In the end, the police are the authority & if they want the proper compliance, then they themselves should set the standard.
    The way it was handled was distasteful and and especially so towards the end of the video when Vicky was so inappropriately handled.

  23. Luis ventu

    Esas viejason la.ley awebo

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