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Joan Sebastian & Pepe Aguilar Cancel Concerts

Joan Sebastian & Pepe Aguilar Cancel Concerts

Joan Sebastian and Pepe Aguilar were very excited to announce their tour together.

Well, several of the concerts have been cancelled…SIX so far.

The reason was not announced. We contacted one of the venues and were told that the promoters simply called and cancelled the event.

Joan’s health has been making headlines lately, that could be one of the reasons.

There is also talk that tickets sales were not as strong as they imagined when they planned the tour.

What do you guys think the reason is?

Joan Sebastian y Pepe Aguilar estaban muy emocionados de anunciar su gira juntos.

Bueno, varios de los conciertos han sido cancelados…SEIS hasta ahora.

La razón no fue anunciada. Llamamos a uno de los recintos y nos dijeron que los promotores simplemente hablaron y anunciaron la cancelación del evento.

La salud de Joan ha sido noticia últimamente, ese puede ser uno de los motivos.

También se dice que puede ser porque no han vendido la cantidad de boletos que se imaginaban cuando planearon la gira.

Ustedes cuál creen que es la razón?

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11 Comments on Joan Sebastian & Pepe Aguilar Cancel Concerts

  1. Crystal

    I feel bad that they are not able to come but I think it is becuse of his health and the that the way they are treating the lations her in arizona and that they may ne treated bad her. But I don’t blam them for not coming, I wish you well and hop to see you both in Loin Mexico when I do go down soon

  2. Evelyn

    Oh hell no I got so pissed off man that’s not fair he can’t cancel it’s just mean everyone here in las Vegas was waiting for one year for this special person to come!!!…..

  3. Veronica

    Yes we drove all the way from Los Angeles to Vegas for his concert and as i was on my way to Vegas i got a phone call and it was the venue saying his concert was Cancelled! Couldn’t believe it!!

  4. lon

    i think they are cancelling because the tickets are toooo expensive..yeah its pepe aguilar and joan performing..but if they want people to attend their shows..they have to have consideration for their fans..and lower the ticke this time in their career they should offer free concerts..the fans have made them who they are now..they should give free shows..are atleast put the ticket price at a reasonable price!!

  5. santiago

    Hello any body in charge of this page would like to know what’s going on with joans cancellations. We are going through some bad times cause our show was postponed to a different date. Hit me up

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