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Eduardo Hernandez Did Paternity Test

Eduardo Hernandez Did Paternity Test

This tiger is defending himself!

A few days ago news broke out about a paternity suit against Eduardo Hernandez of Los Tigres Del Norte.

Somebody claims to be his baby mama and says that he does not financially support their son.

Well, according to TVNotas, he submitted himself to a paternity test that gave to a 0% result!

Apparently he is NOT the father.

We’ll have to see how this plays out in court.

Este tigre se defiende!

Hace unos días nos llegó la noticia de la demanda de paternidad en contra de Eduardo Hernandez de Los Tigres Del Norte.

Una señora dice que él es el padre de su hijo y que el cantante no le da dinero para sostener al niño.

Bueno, según a TVNotas, se sometió a una prueba de ADN para determinar si es el padre y el resultado dio un 0%!

Aparentemente NO es el papá!

Hay que en que termina esto en la corte.

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6 Comments on Eduardo Hernandez Did Paternity Test

  1. Lilly

    Too much when woman accuse of guys being their childrens daddy just to make some money. Goes to show you, this woman was with more than one man before she had her child. Too much!!!!!! I am glad Eduardo is not the Father. He probably has true children to support.

  2. Sandra

    i know that Lorena, she ruined my life.. she destroyed my family !!

  3. Teresa

    Sandra can you explain what Lorena did to ruin your life & destroy your family?? Let me tell you I personally know Eduardo and his family & Their the most commited loving family I know, I’ve known Eduardo for over 8 years and he would never do this to his family. It’s a pathetic attempt of a desperate women trying to pin a father on her little boy. The paternity test speaks for itself, Lorenalid a Liar & yes maybe her career is a want-to-be gold digger. Trying to destroy families along the way.

  4. america guadalupe garcia beltran

    Que poca verguenza de esta mujer jugar asi con la reputacion de un hombre. Y lo peor saliendo la prueba negativa e adolecente el era mi amor platonico de adulta lo sigo admirando y este caso me parece patetico….

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