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Jenni Rivera to Travel Like a Diva

Jenni Rivera to Travel Like a Diva

We told you Jenni Rivera will be one of the coaches of La Voz México.

It is being said that Televisa will provide a private jet for her so that she can continue with her presentations.

Jenni can’t put her concerts on hold during the time the show will be on, so if the network agreed to this, why not?

Isn’t this how a diva should travel anyway?

Les dijimos que Jenni Rivera va a ser coach de La Voz México.

Se ha dicho que Televisa le va a poner un jet privado para que continue con sus presentaciones.

Jenni no puede poner en pausa sus conciertos por todo el tiempo que durará el programa, entonces si la televisora estuvo de acuerdo, por que no?

Además, qué no es esta la manera en que una diva debe viajar?

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One Response to Jenni Rivera to Travel Like a Diva

  1. lon

    That is right if televisa really wanted Jenni in their show..then they have to take in consideration what jenni puts as her conditons..and anyways..jenni, most of the time travels in a private jet..thats how she rolls!!!!!

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