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Jenni Rivera All About The Fans

Jenni Rivera All About The Fans

The media sometimes tends to focus on just the negative and the ugly.

Sure, Jenni Rivera isn’t the easiest person – hello, why do you think they call her diva? – BUT she is a softie despite what people may think.

It’s easy to write about an artist hitting a fan, denying an autograph, or ignoring their followers.

Those things do happen – but the opposite does happen also and that is exactly what we saw when we were invited to a private Universal Music party in Miami.

Jenni was celebrating with friends but, being the big star she is, people kept on asking her for pictures. One after the other after the other.

She took photos with EACH one of them – no grunting, no hesitation, no rolling of the eyes.

So, say what you want, but we feel it’s just as important to mention the good moments like these.

Thanks Jenni!

Los medios a veces se enfocan solo en lo negativo y en lo feo.

Claro, Jenni Rivera no es la más fácil del mundo – bueno, por alguna razón le dicen diva – PERO sí tiene un gran corazón a pesar de lo que muchos opinan.

No se niega una nota cuando un artista golpea a un fan, niega dar autógrafos, ó ignora a sus seguidores.

Esas cosas sí ocurren – pero lo opuesto también se realiza y eso fue lo que vimos cuando nos invitaron a una fiesta privada de Universal Music en Miami.

Jenni estaba festejando con amigos pero, por ser una estrella tan grande, la gente le seguía pidiendo fotos. Unos tras otro tras otro.

Ella se tomó fotos con CADA UNO – no se quejó, no dudó en hacerlo, no hizo mala cara.

Por eso, digan lo que digan, también es importante mencionar los momentos buenos como este!

Gracias Jenni!

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5 Comments on Jenni Rivera All About The Fans

  1. dannyprz

    YES! YES! & YES! She is ONE of kind, Diva style.

  2. lon

    That’s how jenni rolls!!..she is real the day she doesnt want to take pictures she wont and the day she does..she will..artist like her are real people..they also have their ups and downs..jenni aint fronting..i’ve seen her plenty of times and all of those times she has been a real nice person!!..f the haters!!!

  3. Miriam

    Nadie como mi Diva Es una chingona por mas k se quieran comparar con ella esas cantantillas…no le llegan ni a Los talones

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