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Pablo Montero And Wife Present Baby

Pablo Montero And Wife Present Baby

TV Notas made another error.

They published a photo of a baby and claimed it was Pablo Montero and Carolina Van Wielink‘s daughter – it wasn’t!

To clear the rumor, he and his wife published a real pic of their daughter.

She is a beautiful baby, isn’t she?

TV Notas cometió otro error.

Publicaron una fotografía de una bebe diciendo que era la hija de Pablo Montero y Carolina Van Wielink – pero no lo era!

Para aclarar el rumor, él y su esposa publicaron una verdadera foto de su hija.

Es una hermosa bebé, no creen?


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4 Comments on Pablo Montero And Wife Present Baby

  1. Monik

    She’s adorable!!!

  2. sally

    innocent sleeping beauty.

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