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Vicky & Marisol Terrazas Say No to Playboy

Vicky & Marisol Terrazas Say No to Playboy

According to Vicky and Marisol Terrazas, Playboy has approached them more than once.

But although they usually go for a sexy image during their presentations, posing nude is not something that interests them at this time.

We know their dad, don Armando, would be crazy about this idea either.

Sorry, boys!

Según Vicky y Marisol Terrazas, Playboy se a acercado a ellas más de una vez.

Pero aunque casi siempre optan por una imagen sexy durante sus presentaciones, posar desnudas no es algo que les interese en este momento.

No creemos que a su padre, don Armando, le encante esta idea tampoco.

Lo sentimos, chicos!

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7 Comments on Vicky & Marisol Terrazas Say No to Playboy

  1. Lilly

    I hope they don’t!

  2. Luis

    I hope they DO!

  3. lon

    these girls are going out of their range. they are becoming to liberal they r showing off too much. they have to start acting mature they are ladies not teenagers i hope they dont pose nude that will totally ruin their image..since they sing for families and have teenagers and kids as fans

  4. Jose

    As much as I would like to say they shouldn’t, they should. These women are attractive, and posing nude won’t tarnish their image. Where other magazines like Hustler, or Penthouse, have been known to do pornography, Playboy is artful posing. Posing for Playboy would boost up their image alot more than they already are. In other words:
    GET NACKED!!!!!

  5. Marisol

    My mom named me like you!!!!!!!

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