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Emilio Navaira and Wife are Divorcing


Emilio Navaira and his wife Maru are getting a divorce.

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4 Comments on Emilio Navaira and Wife are Divorcing

  1. Name diana gaona

    I dont see a reason for him to divorce his wife thats not right after she took care of him and cried for jim when he was hurt thats wrong maru does not deserve that.

  2. dj ray

    Emilio god bless you…I hope you and your wife can make it….you and your brother raulito are the best

  3. karyn

    I believe maru married Emilio for his fame; therefore does not deserve him. He is much better off without her. Emilio dont stop performing. Hope to see in El Paso soon!!!! We miss and love you!!! GOD BLESS

  4. Frank

    So what is it did they get a divorce yes or no

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